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What is Transformer 2018?

The real question is WHO is the TRANSFORMER?  The answer is Christ !

We are organising these Life in the Spirit Seminars as they are a proven way to encounter Christ more deeply through the scriptures and through the power of the Holy Spirit.

So what happens in TRANSFORMER - Life in the Spirit Seminars ?

Every evening starts with upbeat and reverent ‘praise and worship’ music and a talk on different aspect of the Good News. The participants then break down into guided small groups in which you reflect on your weekly scripture prayer [only if you so wish] and then discuss the evenings talk.

The initial weeks are testimonies to Gods action in people’s lives and the basic good news [Weeks 1-3], followed by teaching on the Holy Spirit in Week 4. There is a reconciliation service evening on week 5 with confession and adoration.

A highlight of any Life in the Spirit Seminar series is the prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on week 6. An encouragement to journey together in church and communities is given in Week 7. Finally, a thanksgiving evening is held on Week 8 with testimonies of how God has worked during the Seminar Series.

Week 1    January 17, 2018     Welcome and Witness
Week 2    January 24, 2018    Father’s Love
Week 3    January 31, 2018     Salvation through Jesus
Week 4    February 7, 2018     New Heart, New Spirit
Week 5    February 14, 2018   Clearing the Way
Week 6    February 21, 2018   Come Holy Spirit
Week 7    February 28, 2018  Growth and Transformation
Week 8    March 7th, 2018     Thanksgiving and Testimony

Evenings start at 7pm

You are so very welcome!




Catch up on Talks on the TransformerPlayer:

Week 1: Welcome and Witness: Ronan and Cathy took us through an introduction and overview of the next exciting eight weeks.

Week 2: The Love of the Father: Paul joyfully and creatively explored the Love God has for us

Week 3: Salvation Through Jesus: Barry provides the theological foundation for Jesus saving work illustrated through the parable of the Good Samaritan

Week 4: New Life, New Spirit: Rosemary guides us through the promise of life in the Holy Spirit

Week 5: Clearing the Way: Jacinta beautifully helps us identify and remove the potential barriers to the Holy Spirit